Is it Monday yet? Because I have a really cute #mcm 😍 @realandyleo @crowntheempire #babe

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Oh catastrophe, where have you been?

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We got drunk and shaved Dan’s beard off a few weeks ago and it was beautiful. #fbf

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Went asymmetric the other day

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#tbt to when babe was in the ER.

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@screwd_lewd playing Frisbee with the kids aw

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I’ve been waiting for someone like this to sit in my chair! This girl with a mane came in and wanted it chopped off, I was so excited. So happy with how it turned out!

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The first time I ever met any of the members of @wecameasromans. Such a treasured memory. #WCARplugsforthewin @plugyourholes #prayineveryday!

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Homeboy mean muggin.

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#ridethatwave @charliehayenga

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First daaaay

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Gold VIP pass from the Tracing Back Roots tour! #WCARplugsforthewin @wecameasromans @plugyourholes <3

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Did babe’s hair tonight and I think he looks like the sexiest fucking thing.

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